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5 Surefire ways to Save Money on Your Health Insurance Plan
There are affordable health plans, you just need to know what they are how to find them, and know what to do to keep the cost down. 
Here are a 5 ways to save money on your health insurance:
1.   Use a qualified health insurance agent.  When you are looking for a good health plan it is important to work with an agent with experience and knows what plans will work best for you.  A knowledgable agent will know how to customize plans to save every dollar and provide you with excellent coverage.   
2.   Review your usage of your current health insurance plan.  In other words, see what benefits you are using and how often.  For example, doctor’s office visits.  How often are you going to the doctor each year?  Most people only go to the doctor once or twice.  A lot of times the plan they have include “unlimited” office visits with a co-pay.   If you choose a plan that allows you to go with a “set” number of co-pay visits per year (like 4 or 5) you can save about 20% or more per month, saving you hundreds per year.
3.   Increase your deductible.   By increasing your deductible you are not changing the "first dollar" benefits of your health plan.  You still get your doctor’s office benefits, your prescription coverage, and lab work benefits.  The only time you use the deductible is for large claim situations like, going to the hospital for surgery, having an outpatient procedure, or costly tests.
4.   Don’t Smoke, if you do QUIT!!!  By being a non-smoker you are saving money already.  For those of you that are smokers, you are adding to your premium a least another $30 dollars or more a month.
5.   Remove the bells and whistles.  This kind of goes back to the second tip, but goes a little further.  If you hardly ever go to the doctor why even pay for that benefit each and every month.  Just pay for the visit out-of-pocket when it happens.  If you are using a doctor within your PPO network you will experience a reprised amount anyway.  For example, generally a primary care doctor visit is about $80, when it gets reprised because of the PPO you will only pay about $55, generally speaking.  These types of plans are usually called Catastrophic Plans. These types of plans are saving people a lot of money each and every month. 
About Matt Irons and Irons Family Insurance:  Matt Irons is dedicated to the well being of his clients, by providing peace of mind and helping them find quality health insurance at an affordable price.  He cares by giving honest answers and advise to solve your health insurance needs.
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